Hand Sanitzer

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer


Some people think that hand sanitizer that contains alcohol is stronger and kills more germs and bacteria than non alcohol based sanitizer. This is not the case and  It also is kinder to the skin and will not dry the skin like alcohol based sanitizers so especially useful for anyone who suffers from dry skin or eczema sufferers.Alcohol free hand sanitizer therefore offers you enhanced protection and is better able to fight the stronger germs out there like Norovirus and C-Diff.

The main purpose of alcohol free sanitizer is the same as any other, to kill germs and bacteria on the skin but it has some other added benefits. Its a non flammable product so from a health and safety point of view its carries less risk in the workplace, in public areas and around children.

Try our alcohol free hand sanitizer which is as effective against germs and bacteria as alcohol based sanitizer and brings the added benefit of being kinder to the skin and from a safety aspect safer to use.